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August 1, 2007

Expanding on the service side of their company, Practice Management Technologies (PMTech) has announced today that they will include web site design services to the portfolio they offer.

"Eliminating the headache and hassle of doing business in an electronic world is what we do best.  Providing this service is just one more way in which our clients can reduce the time and energy it takes to maintain their company or organization; thus, being able to ultimately provide better service to their customers."; says Marina Friend, National Sales and Marketing Manager for PMTech.

"Every business no matter how big or small should have some kind of presence online.  It's one of the easiest ways to help your company or organization grow by current or potential customers being able to find you.  If they are unable to find you online they are most likely finding one of your competitors."; says Gary Rice, owner of PMTech.

Practice Management Technologies (PMTech) is a Michigan based software development company with its corporate office in Frankfort and another in Elk Rapids.  For the past 20 plus years, PMTech has provided fully integrated medical software applications to clinicians and practitioners allowing them to save time and money.



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